Prayer Requests & Praises

Ryan and Megan:  

*Please pray for endurance, energy, and strength as Ryan heals from an ankle injury (more info. below).

*Please pray for Megan to hear what the Lord desires through a Bible study she is participating in, beginning this month.

Audrey, Simon, Lucy, & Norah: 

*We have to renew Audrey and Simon’s passports in Kampala this month, so prayers that that would go smoothly.


*Simon had not been feeling well for almost a month now, and just today we learned through some tests at a local clinic that he has Bilharzia. The treatment is simple, one dose of a particular medicine, so we are thankful he should be feeling better soon.

*A couple of weeks ago, Ryan dislocated one of his ankles while playing volleyball. We are so thankful there were no broken bones, but it is a painful injury and will take some time to heal. Please pray that his ankle will heal well.


*Please pray for the 8 new children as they continue to transition to life at Lulwanda and as relationships are built between them, the other children, and staff.

*Please also pray for the beginning of the new housing construction over the next couple of months. We pray that things would go smoothly, that those doing the building would work efficiently and timely, and that everyone would be patient throughout this big project.

*For weekly Bible Study with the children, and that more will be prompted to spend individual time with the Lord and grow in their knowledge of Him and in their relationships with Him.


*That our home will continue to be a place where our family can retreat and be refreshed together.


*Please pray for new teachers to be called to our children’s school, the Tyler School, and for wisdom in planning for the upcoming school year. So many in our community depend on our children attending school at Tyler, so that we can focus on the various missions we have been called to Uganda for.


*Please pray for the students at University to have Christian friends whom they can encourage and be encouraged by to make decisions and choices that honor God.

*Some of the children who are not going on to University are beginning trade schools this month. Please pray for them to be focused and work hard as they learn skills that will help them be successful adults.


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