Prayer Requests & Praises

Ryan and Megan:  

*Please be praying for Ryan as he is taking on much more responsibility this year.

*Please be praying for Megan as she figures out her routine this year, and finds a balance between home, Lulwanda, and helping at the kids’ school.

Audrey, Simon, Lucy, & Norah: 

*Please pray for each of them to continue to do well in school, and to learn and grow in their abilities, knowledge, and excitement for learning.

*Please pray for Audrey and Simon to grow in their understanding and love of our Savior, and for Lucy and Norah to also continue to be drawn to our Father.


*We seem to be continuously passing around a head-cold/virus over the last month, so we would appreciate prayers for us all to have good health again, and as a result, good sleep.

*In general, we would ask for prayers for good health, safety, and no injuries.


*We have 7 new kids at Lulwanda.  Please be praying for them as they adjust, and that they will feel safe, loved, and at home at Lulwanda.  Their names are:  Joyce, Emma (which is boy’s name here, short for Emmanuel), Mary, Boniface, Lydia, Abby, and Job.

*Construction has begun on two new houses, so please pray that the houses are built well, timely, and that the children and house moms who will move into these new homes will grow in their relationships with one another, and be able to be more closely discipled and as a result, know Jesus more.

*Please pray for the administration, that they will regularly seek God’s wisdom in making decisions and knowing how to best handle the many various issues that can arise.


*We have seemed to have one issue after another with water leakage problems at our house, vehicle issues, etc.  We know this is common for many of us, but just adds that much more stress, especially when taking care of these sorts of problems seems to take much longer here in Uganda and is not always done well the first, or second, or third time 😉


*We would like to ask for prayers for us, and the other missionaries and families in Mbale, especially as we head into the holiday season.


*Please pray that these young adults would grow in wisdom, that they would make wise decisions, that they would be able to distinguish between Godly friends who will encourage and build them up and others who will lead them astray.

*We pray as well that they will read God’s Word daily and grow in their love and relationships with Him.

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