We got married in August of 2002.  Ryan accepted Christ as a teenager after years of seeking to find peace on his own.  His life and heart were transformed by Christ when he was seventeen.  He realized he no longer could live on his own, helping him have an understanding of our deep need for Christ and His salvation and redemption.  Megan accepted Christ as a young child and was blessed with family and friends who helped teach, lead by example, and instill Biblical truths.  These truths laid a foundation that would help a more personal, daily relationship with God develop and grow into a reality when she began her college years.  We are both thankful for Christian parents, families, friends, and church leaders who have taught, led, encouraged, and prayed for us.  Ryan’s professional background includes working as a firefighter and EMT in Clayton County, Georgia.  Megan worked as a middle grades teacher, and then worked at our church’s elementary school for several years before becoming a stay at home mom in 2014.  God began to grow our family in 2009, and we now have four children:  Audrey (7), Simon (4), Lucy (2), and Norah (2).

We are currently living and serving in Mbale, Uganda at Lulwanda Children’s Home, which is ran by Grace International Children’s Foundation.  You can read more about GICF and LCH HERE.  Ryan’s main responsibilities at Lulwanda are to oversee the children’s and staff’s medical care, as well as discipleship and Bible study.  We are overwhelmed by God’s grace in this journey, and we are humbled and excited to have the opportunity to serve Him by loving and caring for His children.





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  1. Ryan,

    Thanks so much for praying over my situation, marriage and family today; it was much needed and right on time. Blessings to you and your family as you travel spreading the word of GOD

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