O Come, Let Us Adore Him

The younger Lulwanda children acted out the Christmas Nativity for the Lulwanda Christmas party this year!  They enjoyed dressing up, acting, singing, and learning more about our Savior’s birth!



A young woman, Mary, was engaged to a man named Joseph. Mary loved God very much.



God sent an angel to speak to Mary. He told Mary that she was going to have a special baby. This baby would be God’s son, and His name would be called Jesus.



Then the angel went to talk to Joseph. The angel explained to Joseph that Mary was going to have the Son of God, and that it was ok for Joseph to take Mary to be his wife and to take care of her and the baby, who was to be named Jesus.



Shortly afterwards, Mary and Joseph traveled to a town called Bethlehem. They tried to find a room for the night but there was no room in the inn. They finally rested in a stable.



There, Mary had the baby, Jesus, and laid Him in the manger.



Shepherds came and worshipped Him.



Wise men also came to worship Jesus. And, they brought their gifts.



The wise men went and found the baby Jesus by following His star and when they found Him, they worshipped Him.



Angels sang a song of joy about Jesus’ birth.


DSC00871 2

We still sing about His birth today! “Baby Jesus, baby Jesus, I love you, I love you! You are my Savior, every day!”

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