From the kids’ perspective…

The last month has been challenging in various ways.  I (Ryan) have been hit in my vehicle three times now, and the second involved being surrounded by about 40 Ugandans (some of which were on my side, some not) on the street as I waited for the police.  Getting through the day can prove challenging as the twins are at a demanding age, no less demanding in the midst of a huge adjustment.  Having work done on our home to make more room for the children to have a play room and not have toys strewn all over the house, and preparing our home for guests to be able to visit has been a challenge.  Norah likes to hit her head because she’s a bull in a china shop, so trying to find a bubble that we can put her in, while still retaining some agility has proven difficult.  However, the month has been full of blessings; new children are coming to Lulwanda, made possible through generous donations on Giving Tuesday, our kids are continuing to thrive in Uganda, many children have returned home from secondary school safely, and no LCH children or staff have been seriously ill or injured.  God provides opportunity after opportunity to show others who He is both through sharing His Word, and through sharing who He is indirectly, wether through a hug, treatment of illnesses, providing a pair of ears to listen, or lovingly discipline.  Praise Him who created all things and sustains us!

Here are some questions we asked Audrey and Simon to share with you what they think of our new life in Uganda…enjoy!



Why are we living in Uganda?

“We are in Uganda to help take care of orphans.” (Audrey)


What is an orphan?

“Someone who doesn’t have a mom or dad who can take care of them.” (Audrey)


What is your favorite thing to do in Uganda?

“Go to my friends’ house and for them to come to my house, go swimming, and get pets.” (Audrey)

“I like to go to some people’s houses” (Simon)


Where is your favorite place to go?

“Isabelle’s house for basketball, Endiro Café” (Audrey and Simon)… every Tuesday evening, many of the missionary families in Mbale gather at one of the houses here that has a small basketball court. The men play basketball, the women go for a walk, and the kids play in the yard together. Endiro Café is a coffee shop in town that sells western-type food, the kids’ favorites being “chips” (french fries) and waffles.


What is your favorite food here?

“Nutella and bread” (Audrey)

“Spaghetti” (Simon)

The twins favorite food is chapatis, which are basically like a fried flatbread. Anytime we go past a chapati stand, the twins start yelling, “pati!”


What’s your favorite thing about school?

“PE and Art” (Audrey)

“Playing at school and eating at school” (Simon)


What is something you’ve learned at school?

“About Guy Fawkes Day” (Audrey)


What do you miss from Georgia?

“All of my cousins, grandpas, grandmas, aunties, uncles, and donuts” (Audrey)

“All of the people Audrey said, slushies, and push-pops” (Simon)


What is different about Uganda than Georgia?

“Different types of food, different words (her example was that motorcyles are called bodas), different types of trees, house windows look different, we have to sleep with mosquito nets on our beds, so we don’t get malaria” (Audrey)

“There are different things to play with, different types of beds, we can swim all year, we can go to Kingfisher in Jinja (when the kids were out for fall break, we went to Jinja for a day, and went swimming at a place called, “Kingfisher.” The kids had such a fun time with their friends who went along for the day)


What does Daddy do here?

“He gives people finger pricks to see if they have malaria, so they’ll get better.” (Audrey)


What is your favorite thing about going to Lulwanda?

“To run after the cows” (Audrey)

“Playing and swinging” (Simon)


What do you want people to pray for you for?

“That we are safe, that we would get used to the other people here, that we would get used to the food here, that we wouldn’t be scared of bumblebees and wasps, and that we won’t cry as much as we used to if we get stung” (Audrey)…she did actually get stung at school earlier this week, but she said she didn’t cry as much as she did the last time she was stung.

“For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, that I’ll learn more about Jesus” (Simon)



2 thoughts on “From the kids’ perspective…

  1. Love hearing about your life in Uganda. Smiling over the kids questions and answers. Tell Audrey I as well love Nutella with bananas though. Sorry to hear about Ryan’s accidents. Hopefully not intentional. Praying you all have a blessed Christmas in 2016 and Happy and fulfilling New Year. Sending love from the USA and Sharon Church family. MaryLou

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