A month in…

…And beginning to feel like we are home.  We are sure challenges in our comfortability will continue to arise, but for the most part we feel as if we are home.  The children are thriving in school and have made many new friends which is a blessing we didn’t see coming.  The month of September was plagued with hardships getting the house in working order and free of bats, mites, etc.  Continually though I felt my blood pressure rise and the feeling of “Why can’t we just have a day of rest?” come to mind.  God continued to remind me that the things that matter most (Him, family, friends, health) had remained unchanged despite our circumstances.  Praise Him, for sustaining us during this month as challenges arose.  Below you will find the recent update and prayer requests for the month of October by clicking the link.  There are also pictures of random things throughout the month that happened.  The picture of the van is Megan’s new chariot.  We thank those who support us, whether by prayer, words of kindness, or monetary support.

October update and Prayer requests

3 thoughts on “A month in…

  1. Ryan, I’m glad you and your family are getting along fine, you are in His will. I remember your last day moving out on Cheyenne dr. I had walked over to say goodbye and you had me to take a picture of you all one last time. I wish you all well and we will be praying for you all and all the soul saving that you all are providing to the lost. We also moved shortly after you all, it just wasn’t the same with you all gone. May God bless and stay in touch.
    Scott Musgrove; Acts 2:38

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    • We remember you taking that picture, it took quite a few takes for all of the kids to look, haha! Thank yo so much for your prayers; they mean so much to us. Didn’t you say you moved to the Mcdonough area? That is where we lived as kids and teenagers, and once we lived in Covington, we still went to McDonough for shopping, church, going out to eat, etc. We hope you are both doing well and enjoying your new home!!


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