The time is now.

We are soon approaching our target departure in late August 2016.  As such, we wanted to share some updates with you.  We believe we have a house secured in Mbale, that will be a temporary residence with the option of it being permanent once we see if it will fit the needs of our family long term.  We have also secured many household items we will need in Uganda and have them waiting for us in our home when we arrive.  We are honored and glad to be able to help another missionary family that is there now who was needing a place to stay up until our arrival as well.  We have a few last minute things we are shoring up in preparations for our departure; finishing up shots for Ryan, Lucy, and Norah, meeting with an accountant about the tax responsibility we will still have in the States, and choosing what medical insurance we are going to go with.

Fundraising is going well, but there is still a gap in what we need monthly and what we are receiving.  Right now we are sitting at about 67% of what we need monthly in Uganda, and prior to leaving we really need to be at least 75% towards our monthly budget there.  If you wouldn’t mind praying that God will continue to provide so graciously through His people, and additional donors will join us monthly in bringing the gospel, hope, and love to orphans in Uganda.  If you feel led, and or have been planning to set up a monthly or one time donation, we ask that you would set this up online at the following website: Support.  Be sure to choose an amount, frequency, and designate to Missionary Support: Kelley in the drop down.  The sooner we can reach 75% the sooner we can buy our plane tickets and set an official date.  We are continually humbled with how God provides through his people and thank all those who have already given and those who are going to be setting something up.

Please be praying for our children as the reality of this transition sets in.  Pray that our families will feel God comforting them, and for them to be able to rejoice in our absence, for God is being glorified through this journey.  Be praying that God will amaze us with the support He is providing, both financially and relationally with those we encounter.  We need your prayers, and thank you for allowing God to use you.

Natalie, another missionary at Lulwanda Children’s Home shared this sweet photo with us recently.  It is a picture of her, the Palmer family, and our family when we were all together in Uganda last August.  Some of the Lulwanda children were in her office recently looking at the picture, sharing memories and thoughts about everyone, etc.  We look forward to all serving together again soon!




3 thoughts on “The time is now.

  1. Mindful of you & your family daily. Praying
    for God’s perfect timing, knowing His
    provision is already established. Love!


  2. Ryan…my wife and I prayed and decided to support your mission on a monthly basis. I didn’t have your email to to send a confirmation but our donation started today. Good luck my young friend…Zach just moved back to Uganda last week…his email is zach.hoins@gmail. Hopefully you two can hook up and watch the Cubs win the World Series this year. Blessings

    Dan and Leah Hoins


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