Beginning to Prepare

We are ready to hit the ground running in terms of working through logistics and raising funds, so that our family can move to Mbale, Uganda.

As we are beginning this process, we would love to be able to share our experiences from August, as well as how God is asking us to move forward with you individually, your church, Sunday school, life group, Bible Study group, etc. If you are open and willing to allow us to come and share, we would be very grateful for the opportunity. Please feel free to contact through phone (Ryan, 678-327-3321) or email (, whichever might be easier for you.

Grace International Children’s Foundation has added us to their webpage, so please feel free to check out their page for us HERE.

We have copied and pasted some of the Lulwanda children’s writings about their holiday break in August below for you to enjoy. Some wrote specifically about our family, others wrote about their introduction to baseball (our favorite line: “that one was to be buried,” haha!), and there is a sweet summary of what one girl learned during her Bible Study group time.

We continue to be so thankful for your prayers as we seek for God’s guidance in each of the small and large steps of this process we are beginning to work through.
With love,

Ryan and Megan

“There was a day when Uncle John told me that there was a family that was going to come and one of the twins is called Norah. I was so happy that I even asked Uncle John to escort them but he said the car was too small. I was sad that I was not going to escort Uncle John to bring the Kelley’s family. It was a Thursday when I saw them. I was so excited to meet Aunt Megan, Simon, Audrey, and Lucy. They were so nice and loving. But Norah never wanted anyone to carry her at first. But Lucy loved people so much. Uncle Ryan was a caring person. He always treated us whenever someone said he is sick. I was so sad when they were leaving I even wanted to cry. But they said they shall come back next year so I was not so sad. The Kelley family was so nice to us.  Thanks,Nora”

“I enjoyed playing with them. I enjoyed carrying babies, I like most Norah to carry. She was so playful. I liked the way babies move. I think next year they are coming back. I saw the father of Norah so hard working. He helped us in the family and in the farm.  Robinah”

“It was a Thursday the day they came to Lulwanda. I saw them and was so happy to see them to Uganda and the main place they loved to visit most is Lulwanda. I saw the twins and I was very happy and I said that, I will always carry them. The most stubborn baby was Lucy and they loved to fight. They were fighting for the mother to carry them but when Lucy saw when they were carrying Norah she began to cry and Lucy tried to speak and the words were hard so she only said Mama. When you want to carry them you have to make animal sounds to make them happy and they accept you. They are God fearing and they love playing with children. And when we got injuries Uncle Ryan treated us. We love him.  The End.  Naula”

“I was very happy when I read on the notes board that we were going to have bible study because I wanted to learn something about my new life with God. I got saved on April 1st. Teacher Natalie taught us that we are God’s children and our bodies are the temples of God. We read from the book of Romans 12:1-2. It says I appeal to you sisters and brothers to present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God which is your act of worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind and by testing you, you may discern the will of God what is good, perfect, and acceptable. I learnt that I was bought with the price which is Jesus’ blood. I should not be like a chameleon because it si conformed to the thing it is on but I should be like a butterfly because it is transformed from a catipillar to a butterfly. I also learnt not to follow the world. I also learnt that God has plans for me. It was a very good bible study.  Thanks, Nora”

“This was my first time to play baseball. At first I was just watching the players. Then Uncle John suddenly hit the ball and it went high that no one could wait for it to come and then catch. It was so speedy and if it had caught someones head, that one was to be buried. I also admired the way the ball went and I felt I should also try. But when I just caught it I felt all the heaviness, until I picked a small one. I made a joke and said for everyone to get a big distance. All people laughed, wondering if I can really do it, but the first ball fell down in my feet. Everyone laughed again and felt to give up. Then Uncle told me to look at the ball and hit it. On my try I made perfect. Everyone clapped while saying, “That’s amazing!” – Egulasi

“It was one Saturday when Uncle John and O.J. told us that we are going to Namaje to harvest maize and we were Primary 6 and Primary 7. We went and started but Uncle Jerad grouped us into groups. One group cutting, another group collecting, another removing the covers, and another group putting in the truck. We started and we were happy. Uncle Ryan helped together with Katelyn and Uncle John. As we were harvesting an old woman came from no where and started shouting the name of her son James. She made noise and Uncle Jerad and Uncle John said I have never seen such a person. He said that it was his first time. But the woman remained shouting and she started dancing without any music. When she got tired she went back to her home. A short while she came back saying that I want that mzungu to come with me at my home. Uncle James came together with Aron and chased the woman but the woman was saying in her language where can I pass until another man came and took her away from us. But the woman was still looking at the mzungus and shouting come with me. That made that Saturday an enjoyable day. Everybody liked it.  The End.  Naula”

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