Update from Uganda

(August 21, 2015)

Much has happened since the last time I spoke to you all.  Shortly after my last post the whole family got sick (with the exception of myself and Audrey) and our patience was put to the test.  They are all well now but in this post I wanted to share one truth with you all; Africa is not an easy place to live.  I have been reminded every day of ways in which we have it made in America, but never realized it.  Just going to the doctor and having blood work done to check for parasites is quite amusing and different.  Need some oatmeal, or some milk, or some cheese?  Have fun going to 6 supermarkets to locate it.  Then there is the whole checking out at the supermarket.  Type A personalities only need apply.  It’s also fun being stared at constantly and being called Muzungu a hundred times.  The power goes out constantly and the internet is spotty at best.  There is no air conditioning and being on the equator it gets warm/hot.  There are no rules or laws when it comes to driving, it’s just every man for himself.  These are just a few examples of how things are very different here.

With all the chaos and feeling out of our element though we are reminded of one thing; God called us here.  It’s not by chance that Megan had a revelation years ago that we would be in Africa.  It’s not by chance that God softened my heart towards the idea over the course of a few years.  It’s not by chance that John and Bobbi needed help medically at Lulwanda and we had just began our search towards long term missions there.  It’s not by chance that God stirred in the hearts and minds of our supporters to show their faith in giving through prayers, time, love, and financially.  God is in control, no matter how chaotic or difficult things may be.  We can take comfort in the fact that we are all together united in following God’s will.

Things at Lulwanda have been great this past week.  The first two weeks were tough due to some discipline issues John was having to deal with there, and of course being new we were still trying to figure everything out.  All the children are at home together for what is called a Holiday.  This is the time that all the children have completed school and are free, similar to our summer break.  There have been many fun activities such as teaching baseball, baking, painting, and music.  Today I got to witness the most electrifying birthday party I have ever witnessed.  We’ve also been developing our relationships with the children at Lulwanda.  I have always loved being able to help those who are sick, hurting, or in need, and learning how to perform malaria tests has been something they’ve needed a while now at Lulwanda.  Caring for them when they are ill, or have a scrape or cut is a great opportunity to meet their needs and show them love.  Megan and the girls are also becoming closer with every visit, and the twins are a smash hit.

Things I would ask you pray for; I’m meeting with the district health officer on Tuesday to find out what I need to do to be certified in country to operate the clinic.  I would ask you pray that goes well and God would help me be charismatic and loving as to get that relationship off on the right foot.  I also would have you pray that Megan would continue to feel more comfortable every day.  She has begun cooking (and it’s the jam), and has started to settle in more and more, and I’m so thankful and proud.  Being a mom of four is tough in ‘Merica, but in Africa its no joke.  Lastly I would ask you to pray for continued health and that we will continue to follow God, no matter how hard the circumstances may be.

We love you all,

Ryan & Megan, Audrey, Simon, Lucy, and Norah-BEANS!

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IMG_6154    IMG_6109

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